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.dbf est une extension de nom de fichier pour les fichiers dune base de données DBase. Portail de l’informatique


Dbfs est le nom dun système de fichiers réseaux créé par Oracle Corporation, basé sur une base de données. Côté serveur, il sagit dune base de données, côté client, il sagit dun driver du système dexploitation permettant de monter la base sur le système. Ce système de fichiers est apparu avec la version Oracle 11g.


Decibels relative to full scale is a unit of measurement for amplitude levels in digital systems, such as pulse-code modulation, which have a defined maximum peak level. The unit is similar to the units dBov and decibels relative to overload. The level of 0 dBFS is assigned to the maximum possible digital level. For example, a signal that reaches 50% of the maximum level has a level of −6 dBFS, which is 6 dB below full scale. Conventions differ for root mean square RMS measurements, but all peak measurements smaller than the maximum are negative levels. A digital signal that does not contain any samples at 0 dBFS can still clip when converted to analog form due to the signal reconstruction process interpolating between samples. This can be prevented by careful digital-to-analog converter circuit design. Measurements of the true inter-sample peak levels are notated as dBTP or dB TP "decibels true peak".


dbFX was Deutsche Bank’s online margin foreign exchange trading platform and service for individual and institutional investors including financial institutions, hedge funds, corporations, asset managers, money managers, commodity trading advisors, broker-dealers, brokerage firms, high net worth individuals, and sophisticated and professional traders, which operated from 2006-2011. In 2006, Deutsche Bank, then the world’s largest provider of foreign exchange trading by global market share, became the first global bulge bracket investment bank to offer institutional foreign exchange trading through an online margin FX trading platform. The state of the art dbFX platform was a new and innovative technology at the time, which marked a paradigm shift from over-the-phone trading, to instantaneous online trade execution, at a reduced cost and risk, thus creating a de facto new asset class, and opening up, disrupting, and democratizing access to the global FX market. On June 1, 2006, Euromoney, a leading institutional investor and international finance magazine, provided the context for the disruptive nature of Deutsche Bank’s dbFX platform. Deutsche Bank’s dbFX platform, formally announced on May 15, appears to herald a new phase. Deutsche’s move has got tongues wagging about which bank will be next. Gossip suggests it will be UBS. Direct access to the market has generally been over the phone.” Three years later in 2009, Citibank, currently the worlds largest provider of foreign exchange, initiated a competitive response to Deutsche Banks dbFX platform called CitiFX Pro, thus becoming the second multinational bulge bracket investment bank to launch an online institutional foreign exchange service on a margin foreign exchange technology platform.



5-DBFPV is a stimulant of the cathinone class that has been sold online as a designer drug. It is an analogue of MDPV where the methylenedioxyphenyl group has been replaced by dihydrobenzofuran.


The.dbf file extension represents the dBase database file. The file type was introduced in 1983 with the introduction of dBASE II. The file structure has evolved over the years to include many more features and capabilities and has introduced various other files to help support data storage and manipulation. The current.dbf file level is called Level 7. The.dbf format is supported by a number of database products.


DBF may refer to: Distributed feedback laser – a type of a laser Oracle tablespace filename extension Design/Build/Fly aircraft design competition Distributed Bellman-Ford, a Distance-vector routing protocol dBf, decibels above a femtowatt, a unit used to measure power and gain Diesel Boats Forever Diesel Boats Forever Digital beamforming in radar, sonar, audio, and other sensor arrays .dbf, a file format introduced by dBASE database system, since adopted by other applications as well database file Drunk Bitch Friday – formerly a weekly bit on the Lex and Terry morning radio show. Danmarks Badminton Forbund Denmarks Badminton Union